dbootsI am a founding member of the Dirty Boots, a backing band created in 2013.  We have backed up a wide array of artists from hip hop, hard rock, R&B, and country.

Some artists we’ve worked with:

Rellik (hip hop) http://www.thisisrellik.com

Ashley Weir (hard rock) http://www.ashleyweir.ca

Trent Agecoutay (outlaw country) http://trentagecoutay.com

Jaide (hip hop/RnB) Youtube

Nathan Cunningham (modern country) Nathan Cunningham

If you’re an artist looking for a band, get at me below!

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Rellik and The Dirty Boots at North Country Fair 2016


ashley and dbedit

Ashley Weir + The Dirty Boots – EP release @ Filthy’s

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