2004 American Strat 50th anniversary w/ David Allen VooDoo Blues pickups
2012/1994 Frankenstrat: 2013 Clapton Neck, ’94 baby blue Mexi-strat body, pickups from my 2004 Strat
2013 Gibson 335 Satin Red
1975 Ibanez Les Paul Tobacco Burst, Seymour Duncan Antiquities and Pearly Gates
2010 Ibanez AS 103/NT
2013 Taylor Acoustic
1998 ESP-LTD M-250
2011 Squire Jazz Bass


2010 Bassman Reissue LTD
1977 Twin Reverb w/ Weber Silver Bell Ceramic + Blue Dog AlNiCO speakers
2012 Limited Edition ’65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue
2014 Vox AC4C1 Limited Edition 10″ Combo


Too many, but I favour Fulltone for the v.1 OCD + big box SoulBender



my amp  guitarrepair-4

guitar repai