Maybe you’re a songwriter that has an idea but doesn’t know what chords should come next or a lead player that wants their solos to be completely free. Or a beginner that’s watched a few YouTube videos, but stopped getting better and can’t figure out why.  You probably need the guidance of a teacher!

I go beyond the memorization of songs with my students.  I know it’s a necessary step for learning the basic mechanics of playing, but the problem is you are confined to what you’ve memorized.  You probably already realize that this is slow and frustrating.  This is where I can help. I want my students to understand that there is a system at work, and systems are made to be understood!  This isn’t just for an advanced student and it’s not to down play the importance of learning songs that inspired you to pick up the guitar in the first place. Yet even a basic understanding will give you the tools needed to learn songs faster and with confidence.

And if this sounds complicated, I have a fun teaching style that is simple to follow.  I will break down concepts into small and easily digested lessons.

For the more advanced players, I can teach you the modes, chord theory, arpeggios, songwriting, and improvisation. I specialize in prog, psychedelic, funk, rhythm & blues, and soul. I can help you with tone shaping by getting the most out of your gear, including pedal effects, pick ups, and amps, and guitar setup/modifications.

Are you getting into music production? I’ve spent a lot of time recording and mixing, and have experience in Garageband and Logic X.

Contact me through the form below to arrange a lesson time or other inquiries. First 1/2 hour lesson is free: I’ll see where you are with your playing and then start a plan to get you where you want to go.

If you’re not from the Edmonton area, I will be getting into Skype lessons soon.  Contact me below and we can set something up!

I highly recommend the following resources to help get you started, especially the Chord Wheel:

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